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Once Upon a Weird Dream

Posted on August 17, 2011 at 1:25 PM

My dream started off in a foggy graveyard... something you would expect from a Japanese horror film. I was wandering around in seach of something... but somehow, my search landed me in a doll house. Inside the doll house, there were many tombstones and dolls sitting around. It seemed as if every doll had its own space in this room. It was rather creepy because the room was filled with these dolls which resembled how they died and a mirror was placed in back of them. All you could see were these dolls with disfigured faces, bodies, and limbs.

While wandering through the room, I found a pair of glasses lying on a table. I tried them on and saw unimaginable horrors. There were so many cries of pain and sorrow and I saw the text "Help Me!" written all over the wall in blood. I was in such a shock that I bolted to get out of the place, but I tripped and fell on the floor. While on the floor, I saw the ghosts of these dolls slowly creeping out of the mirror. They had terrible images and  they even smiled at me. 

I never got to finish my dream because Niro texted me on MSN about 7 AM in the morning and woke me up. Way to kill a good dream Niro! ): 

Trivia: The Chinese people believed that between the times of 2 AM and dawn, ghosts come out of mirrors and carry out their normal tasks. 

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