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Posted on February 22, 2014 at 10:30 PM


Hello friends! My Summoner name is WildberryRemix and I would like to present my guide on playing Leona. I am currently Platinum and I play almost purely Support. Unfortunately, I am still adjusting to the meta of this Season, so please expect changes in the future. Without any other further adieu, I give you my guide on Leona. 

Pros and Cons:

- Tanky

- High CC

- Zoning Queen  

- Great Mobility 

- Awesome Utility 

- Skill Shot Dependent 

- Needs Good Judgment 

- Terrible Sustain (Laning) 

Skill Order:

Starting Q at Level 1 is probably the most optimal for Leona. It gives you a reliable Stun and allows you to perform the AA->Q->AA combo to kill wards. The drawback of starting Q is that you lose the ability to zone pre-Level 2.

Note: I take E first on Blue Side to help my Jungler speed up clear at Krugs. Otherwise, I'd invest my point in Q.

Maxing W first is what you should aim for. It brings in a lot of resistances for Leona and allows her to be a pseudo-tank with very little items. Another good aspect is that Health items are now readily available for Supports for a fairly low price, which makes Leona quite strong.

Maxing E is much better than Q. E scales better when maxed. It also provides you with a lower cooldown gap closer.

Always put points into your R when possible.  

Masteries: (I have a new mastery tree. I will add it when I get the chance. The current one is outdated.)

Runes: (Outdated. Will add newer one soon.)

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